Haiku 2

The sun quickly sets
Illuminating the town
The pearl onion dome


A Visit to the Bahrain Fort

The contrast between ancient and modern can be seen at the Bahrain Fort archaeological site. The Bahrain Fort, also known as the Portuguese Fort and Qal’at al Bahrain was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.


Arabic Poetry Book

A few days ago, while browsing the local interest section of a bookstore, I discovered a dual language Arabic-English poetry book. The book is titled “Alienation of Violets,” written by the Bahraini poet Hameed Al-Qaed. The book contains 40 poems, which were translated into English by Al-Qaed himself.



While living in Japan, I discovered the beautiful art of haiku. The haiku 俳句 is a Japanese form of poetry which dates back to the 9th century. It is composed of three unrhymed lines of 17 syllables (5, 7, 5). My haiku is usually inspired by everyday scenes and by my travels.

The warm wind blows
Impatient, moving the sand
The blur horizon

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