Bahrain’s Free Publications

In Bahrain, there are a few publications that are available free of charge: Bahrain This Week, Weekender, and Fab. Bahrain This Week claims to be “the island’s first augmented weekly” and it covers local events as well as some interesting advice on travel, health, motors, and technology. The last few pages feature reviews on books, games, and movie trailers that can be viewed on your smartphone or on your tablet with the GoLive app.

The Weekender includes a list of places where to eat, upcoming events, and shopping advice. It also features a travel article usually about a local or an expat who has visited another country. This week’s Weekender features shops and restaurants where you can find the best “Ramadan Treats.”

Fab is a periodical that is distributed every term to schools and bookstores. I usually find a copy at a major bookstore. It is essentially a guide to life in Bahrain. The Spring/Summer 2014 edition contains 44 pages that are packed with useful information on things to do and places that you can find on the island. You can also access this information at

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