Haiku Books

The British Haiku Society is dedicating the month of February to haiku books. Visit their Facebook page to discover new collections of haiku:


Some include: Stepping Stones: a way into haiku, by Martin Lucas and Haiku: one breath poetry, by Naomi Wakan. What is your favorite book of haiku?


Dear readers, I am finally back! In March 2015, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Emira. After moving from Bahrain to Italy, going back to Bahrain, then moving again, from Italy to the United States, I am now back in Italy, where I am looking for some inspiration. I hope you will enjoy my future posts!


Ali and the Cockroaches by Parker

20150222_192557 In his short story titled “Ali and the Cockroaches,” Guy Parker, a lecturer at the University of Bahrain, writes about Ali, a teenager with “a very unlucky problem,” who is desperate to change his life, but meets the wrong individuals. Ali is from Hamad Town and leaves his family to move to Adliya, a neighborhood of Manama, where the mystery unfolds.